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very limb he made his way across to where the switches were, but there was nothing wrong with them. He could hear no commotion in the house, such as would naturally follow the extinguishing of the light. Indeed, underneath the doorway he could see by

the slit of light that the electrics in the corridor were still working. The full

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horror of it was almost more than he could bear. A wild desire for light and companionship came upon him. His unsteady hand fumbled at the latch, which seemed in some way to have gone wrong, for the d

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oor refused to open. Ravenspur was breathing thickly and heavily. But he was sufficiently in possession of his faculties to realise that he was no longer alone in the room. He could distinctly hear so

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meone breathing close to him. Then he caught the sound of a low chuckle. "Not so fast," a voice hissed in his ear; "I haven't come all this way for the benefit of your society to lose you like this

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. You needn't worry about the door, because you can't escape in that way." In a sudden frenzy of rage and anger and fear, Ravenspur stretched out his

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arm and encountered that of the mysterious


stranger, whose dramatic entranc

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e had so startled him. But, strong man as he


was, and in the pink of good condition, Rav


enspur could make nothing of his assaila


nt. The man appeared to be not more than hal


f his size, but his arms and body were t


ough and elastic as the finest w

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Lord Ravenspur has said, there must be an end to the matter." "But, my dearest girl, the thing is absurd," Walter cried. "What have we done that we shou


ld be treated in this way? S

  • n London, what tragedies would be revealed! And ho
  • w many friends would be left to me?" Time was going o
  • n. A dozen clocks in different parts of the house


urely our position is clear

  • struck twelve. As Ravenspur stood by the table, hi
  • s moody eyes still bent upon the photographs, there was
  • a sudden click and snap, and the whole place was p


enough. We are to be parted

  • lunged in darkness. The thing was so quick and une
  • xpected that something like a cry of alarm broke from Ra
  • venspur's lips. It all came to him in a flash that

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ted in e Us

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e so far away. There was only one thing for it, and that was to break down the door. Flinging himself full against the woodwork, Walter literally forced his way in. Then he st

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  • d been nothing to try his nerves then as they were being strained
  • to break ing point now. Sha
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